National Conference on the Digital Practices at the University

The Library and Documentation Department, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Manuscripts of Algiers 2, organized on December 13th, 2021 at the grand auditorium a National Conference on the Digital Practices between the Requested and the aspired.

The scientific event was opened by the Conference President, Pr Aissa Mehadjbi, who spoke about the great evolution that the world is experiencing in information and communication technologies’ field, and the challenges imposed by the digital education.

The Professor Hadj El Aifa indicated, on his part, that the conference subject is current and that Algiers 2 University works on applying the digitalisation in its administration; he focused besides on the importance of a broadband internet connexion to make easier this operation.

On his side, the Human Sciences Faculty Dean, Pr. Abdelaziz Boukena, explained that through the digital library, it is easier to accede to internet and to get knowledge; it saves a lot of efforts and moving. He passed the floor afterwards to the Manuscripts Laboratory Head, Pr. Toufik Dahmani, who confirmed that the digitalisation affects all the academia that uses teaching and research platforms, and the scientific journal platforms.

The conference approached three lines, namely: means and techniques of the research in the digital environment; the electronic teaching experiences at the university; information systems and digital services at the university.