The Vice-rectorate in charge of External Relations and Cooperation of the University of Algiers 2 is the first point of contact of national and international universities and scientific centres, high schools and research laboratories. Its importance lies in the creation of a network of effective relationships that serve and consolidate the university.     

The Vice-rectorate in charge of External Relations and Cooperation works for developing the competitive strategy of the university at national and international levels. This strategy consists on creating bridges of academic and cultural cooperation between the university and the different academic institutions as well as the international and Arabic organizations. Moreover, the vice-rectorate seeks to enhance this cooperation through partnerships and by signing cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding with a number of high quality universities and institutions all over the world. Besides, it ensures the implementation and the monitoring of these partnerships and agreements in order to serve the educational and research process of the university and to develop the competences of teachers, researchers, students and staff.   

The university concluded a number of bilateral agreements with known universities such German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Turkish universities. It participated in many projects, such as Erasmus + (International Credit Mobility KA107 CBHE). It was also a partner in various European projects like Joint Master, Erasmus Mundus, H2020 as well as the Turkish Program for the Academic Exchange MEVLANA.

The Vice-rectorate for Foreign Relations and Cooperation also works to disseminate the University's ideas, aspirations, views and plans, and to edit and publish the news. Furthermore, it prepares and provides administrative and technical services for the different university’s events, including conferences, seminars, festivities, official visits, receptions, hosting experts and specialists in all fields, carrying out protocol missions, etc.

Besides, the Vice-rectorate prepares, supervises and announces all the University’s activities through media. It introduces and covers the university's academic programs as well as its different activities and events. Moreover, it fosters the social relations by organizing various annual events of cultural, social and entertaining nature.



Presentation of the vice-rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events

It is responsible for :

  • Promoting the relation of the university with its socio-economic environment and initiating partnership programs,
  • Initiating any action to promote inter-university exchange programs and cooperation in the fields of education and research,
  • Conducting animation and communication activities,
  • Organizing and promoting scientific events,
  • Monitoring development programs for teaching staff and ensuring their consistency.

It consists of the following services:

  • Service of Interuniversity Exchanges, Cooperation and Partnership,
  • Service of Animation, Communication and Scientific Events.

Organisational of Vice-rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation,Communication and Scientific Events