Presentation of the vice-rectorate for Development, Forecasting and Guidance

It is responsible for:

  • Collecting necessary elements to elaborate the drafts of university development plans;
  • Conducting any prospective study on the expected evolution in the number of students and suggesting any measure to assist them, especially as far as the evolution in teaching and administrative supervision is concerned;
  • Maintaining and periodically updating the university statistical file;
  • Preparing any information material on educational programs provided by the university and the relevant professional outlets;
  • Providing students with all information that should assist them to make their educational choices;
  • Monitoring construction programs and ensuring the implementation of the university equipment programs in coordination with the relevant services.

It consists of the following services:

  • Service of Statistics and Forecasting;
  • Service of Guidance and Information;
  • Service of Monitoring the Construction Programs and University Fitting.