Presentation of the Entrepreneurship House

 The higher education institutions in Algeria are much more interested in entrepreneurship with the aim of promoting its culture among the university students.

This is presented by adding entrepreneurship specialty in the higher education programmes and concluding agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Security. This agreement generated an institution called “Entrepreneurship House”. This last is based in all Higher Education institutions in Algeria under a cooperation agreement with “The National Agency for Youth Employment” ANSEJ, which became “The National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development” ANADE.

For promoting the entrepreneurship culture, the Entrepreneurship House focused on both simplifying the business creation methods and valorising the entrepreneurship behaviour by teaching the last and opening up higher education institutions on business creation.

The Entrepreneurship House is the best means for cultivating the entrepreneurship values among students and initiating them into entrepreneurship which will enable them to carry out their ideas and engender valued projects, which will participate in the national economy development.  

It’s also the means of motivating and accompanying them to create projects which help them to become independent in the future.      

The Entrepreneurship House belongs to the Vice-rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events.