Fourth International Congress on the Culture of well-being under changes and modern challenges

Under the slogan “The individual well-being relies on the society well-being”, the Psychology Department of Algiers 2 University organized the fourth International Congress on the Culture of well-being under changes and modern challenges. The Congress took place on September 29th & 30th, 2021 in the grand auditorium by videoconference with teachers from abroad, and in attendance of local teachers and researchers.

The Congress started by the address of the latter’s President, Pr. Sahraoui Ouafia; she spoke about the Congress issue and explained the well-being culture meaning, she gave the floor afterwards to the Psychology Department Head, Dr. Aimer Mourad, who thanked all those who made the Congress successful and wished the participants to benefit from the rich and varied contributions.   

On his side, The Social Sciences Faculty Dean, Pr. Nabil Bahri, appreciated the Congress theme, and hoped this latter to conclude with benefit recommendations for both university and society. He allowed after that the Vice-rector, Pr. Boumnir Kamel, who declared the official opening of the Congress works, after having brought to light the interest of the Congress’ theme which was the analysis subject of many ancient philosophers, psychologists and sociologists.

The Congress idea aims to elucidate the well-being meaning in a scientific and cultural content, it aims also to elucidate the well-being culture indicators and components and showing the importance of its awareness in the modern world.

The Congress included four main lines, divided into four workshops, namely, the applied fields of body and psychological well-being sense; the applied fields of social, professional and economic sense; the civil society role in raising awareness of well-being culture sense; mechanisms of promoting the well-being culture.